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Background & Expertise

My objective is to continue to use my skills and passions for teaching and supervision that have   grown over the past 50+ years.

California University of Pennsylvania     
    1969 BS in Elementary Education                           
    1979 Masters in Education and Elementary Principal’s Certification 
    1999 Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility

Received a multi-million dollar grant for an EVEN START PROGRAM                        
Awarded a National Blue Ribbon with the staff of Washington Park Elementary School in 1997.                                                                        
Published an activity/lifelong story of my passion for all teachers, parents, homeschoolers in 2018…”Discovering, Teaching and Learning GOD’s WORD.” (Westbow Publishers) Currently working on a supplement for teachers.

1969-1987 Teacher in grades first through 8th and gifted
1975-1979 Presented workshops for MAILBOX MAGAZINE                                                     
1987-2000 Principal, Washington School District                                                                      
2000-2004 Superintendent, Avella Area School District                                                            
1999-2014 Taught online and face to face courses, Intermediate Unit I                       
2004-2008 Adjunct Professor, Washington & Jefferson College                                          
2005-2007 Washington School Board Director    
2008-2012 Preschool Board Director and substitute teacher Bethel Presbyterian Church  
1970-present Created and Presented 100+ workshops for parents, teachers and administrators throughout Pennsylvania and United States                                                                                                                                                 
2017-2018 Assistant in Activities for residents in Greenery Care Facility                                                                                                                     
2017-2018  Tutoring Huntington Learning Center                                                                          
2018-2018 Adjunct instructor (grades 9-12 Literature) at First Love Christian Academy, Washington, PA 15301                          
2018-2019 Principal at First Love Christian Academy, Washington, PA 15301                      

*Mapping and writing curriculum K-12    
*Observing and evaluating students, student teachers, classroom teachers and administrators                                                  
*Preparing and conducting meetings with parents, teachers, school boards
*Interviewing creatively    
*Constructing interview questions and rubrics                                                    
*Writing/creating job descriptions                                                                                     
*Creating templates/graphic organizers                                 
*Developing Study Skills                                                                                                        
*Delegating responsibilities 
*Writing and teaching online and face to face courses 

 *Developing courses for adults, now teaching a Bible Journaling and Prayer Journaling Course “PB & J with a SPRINKLING of CHRISMONS”


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