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Mrs. Pamela Celaschi

Board Member 

Mr. Joel Clevenger - Secretary

Board Member

Miss Sarah Klein - President

Board Member


Sarah is a senior at Drexel University and a Banker at PNC. Shas served non-profits since a young child.  She loves to integrate hands-on techniques with her own academic journey to encourage students to always do their best and to take advantage of every opportunity.

Mr. Akio Saisho

Board Member

Mr. Yoro Sidibe

Board Member

Mrs. Tammi Iams

Volunteer Treasurer 

Mr. Christopher Bauhof


As English as his specialty, working with students on Bible, philosophy, literacy, and test preparatory is his passion. In 2021, he completed his ESL Certification.
Energy and enthusiasm are always evident when instructed by Mr Bauhof.

Mr Carl "Buzz" Miller III



With over 35 years experience in volunteer service, he passionate about making a difference. his desire to learn fuels his ability to teach. You will receive the most updated information in his classes of firefighter, rescue, CPR, safety, and more.

Dr Kathleen Miller
Administrative Chair


Her love for students and their success led to the opening of Kleine Klasse. Also the founder of First Love Christian Academy, with 30 years teaching experience, from 4th through university, she is an expert in managing test anxiety and test preparation.

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