Dr Gregory Allen

He has been writing since as long as he can remember.  Dr. Allen has been a film professor at Point Park University’s Digital and Cinema Department, and he has taught film at the University of Pittsburgh for over 10 years. Simply put, he is a writer, director, producer who loves cinema and everything about the movie-making process.

As English as his specialty, working with students on Bible, philosophy, literacy, and test preparatory is his passion.
Energy and enthusiasm are always evident when instructed by Mr Bauhof.

This Grove City, West Virginia University, and PITT PhD grad has a love for mathematics, particularly upper level mathematics and topological algebra where he has made significant contributions.  He has taught seminars and courses for 33 years.  He also has a love for music and is a piano instructor. 

A Graduate from Pitt and MIT, this instructor has a love for teaching students larger than his qualifications.  As an engineer, and an instructor for ITT, he has over 25 years of teaching beginning with the University of Pittsburgh.

Mrs Paulette Graham

With 50+ years' of experience from 1st grade to Superintendent, her love for helping students reach their full potential is stronger than ever.  Author of the book Discovering Teaching and Learning God's Word is an inspired work.

Mr. Christopher Bauhof

Prof. Dennis Bodziak

Dr Ronald Barnhart

Mr. Paul Grossoehme

His love for Cultural Studies fill his students with curiosity and wonder. Interactive and Socratic teaching are methods common in his classroom.

Mr. Gary Jackson

An accomplished Executive with the vision and leadership insights to strategically plan, direct and control company operations to capitalize on emerging business opportunities. He has executed a proven track records of achieving
double digit compound sales increases through trusted relationships with Fortune 500 companies.

Mr Carl "Buzz" Miller III

With over 35 years experience in volunteer service, he passionate about making a difference. his desire to learn fuels his ability to teach. You will receive the most updated information in his classes of firefighter, rescue, CPR, safety, and more.

Her love for students and their success led to the opening of Kleine Klasse. Also the founder of First Love Christian Academy, with 30 years teaching experience, from 4th through university, she is an expert in managing test anxiety and test preparation.

Mr Walter Weaver

After 55+ years in education, he still asks, "What can I do to further God's work."  Click the link above to enjoy the Scriptural insight between Old Testament, Psalm, Epistle, and Gospel.  You will get to experience scriptual knowledge as well as Catholic perspective.

Dr Kathleen Miller

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